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Adwords and PLA linking/display

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Hello everyone; first post over here on Google's forums and I do look forward to using them a bit more in the future since everyone here seems to be quite knowledgeable. I've read up on some of the documentation in the support area, but I'm wondering if I'm misinterpreting something or simply not catching on to a particular concept.


As of right now, I'm currently having an issue with the display of products in the Product Listing Ad and Google Shopping spaces, and I'm not sure as to why I'm having issues. Further insight on the situation to potentially help you guys out:


- Our Adwords/Merchant Center account was displaying products in the PLAs/Shopping areas, but we had to remove the data feed due to migration to a different Merchant Center account (to be safe, I didn't want to potentially violate any ToS by having two data sheets from the same company with the exact same product).


- The new data feed for our current account was uploaded on November 13th at 5:24 AM, and the diagnostics on the Merchant side seems to indicate that all products were at least processed and awaiting review a day later. Product approval began to occur on the 16th of November, and as of today, we have 19 out of 21 products that are considered active and searchable.


This currently ties back into the Adwords situation again: I have set up Product Listing Ads in the back end of Google Adwords, but it seems to indicate that there are no eligible products for Google Shopping in the linked Merchant Center accounts. Yet, there are 19 products that are considered active and searchable. The Adwords account is appropriately linked in the Merchant area as well. To add to my confusion, when checking the Merchant Center part of Adwords in the Tools section, I can clearly see two things:


- the initial data feed that I had on the previous Merchant Center account is no longer active (that is, it no longer has any sort of products, which is fine)


- the new data feed that I am using on the newer Merchant Center account, according to this backend, says that there are 19 products that are to be displaying Product Ads.


Given the history of the previous instance of ad display, I am fairly certain that the lack of displaying is not related to bids, given that we were taking a large majority of slots the first time the products were displaying. Now, there's simply no products displaying at all, and I cannot find a discernible reason why.


I apologize for this being a potentially repeated question/situation if it is one, but documentation has not been very clear to me.

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Re: Adwords and PLA linking/display

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Disregard and mark this as solved; just got off of the phone with a Google Adwords representative who forwarded the situation to someone in Shopping; turns out that the associated Merchant identifier cannot be changed, so everything is going to be migrated back to the older account.