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Adwords admin area not showing ALL product categories

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Hi - our feed is working and products are showing correctly on google shopping - however, in the adwords admin area, when i try to add new ads, not all the cart sub categories are being displayed.... is there a limit to the level / depth of sub categories that shopping will recognize - see below

Google shopping page, its missing two categories from the actual store (see below):

Magento category page show ALL the cat/sub cats that should be showing in the page above:

Web page showing categories:


One thing to note is that i made an adjustment to our feed generator at approx 10;30 am yesterday - i know it can take a day to update, but its been more than 24hrs and the issue has not gone away.






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Adwords admin area not showing ALL product categories

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first, thank you for the screen-captures and related links.

generally, for product_type, only the first product_type attribute
and the first five > levels are relevant for creating bid-strategies --
assigning auction-bids to specific sets/categories of items; although,
more may be used by google for shopping and ad-search indexing.

also, category-pages cannot be submitted as shopping-ads --
that is a policy violation and grounds for disapproval or
suspension from the program, at any time; only individual,
physical, in stock, for-sale, inventory items, may be submitted.

a product_type categorizes each inventory item submitted -- per-item.

the magento-category-page and any megento-specific
details are rather beyond the scope of this forum.

what may be of value is a screen-capture of the final
processed-data from within the merchant-center-account.

that is, the processed product_type and google_product_category values --
by clicking on the item's title within the products-list-tab within the
merchant-center and inspecting the shopping-ads status, near the top,
then clicking on the information-you-provided-us link and verifying
both the product type and google product category values -- be certain
that proper > breadcrumbs are being submitted and there is only one,
single, product type attribute listed, typically with at most five-levels.

each product_type value must be > separated (seen per line) in order to be used.


each level may also be seen within the ad-account by modifying

the columns under the products-tab of the shopping-campaign --

this is usually a good indicator that the updated items have been

processed and have made their way into the linked ad-account.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact whoever
is maintaining the magento website and magento submitted data.

otherwise, google may be contacted so that a person may look directly into
the ad-account and the processed data within the merchant-center-account:


Adwords admin area not showing ALL product categories

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Thanks for your help – I hope my answer makes sense…


According to google you can have multiple product types separated by a comma (this is what our feed sends over): <gSmiley Tongueroduct_type><![CDATA[More... > Brands > Enduramaxx,Water Tanks > Capacity (Gallons)]]></gSmiley Tongueroduct_type>


This would lead me to believe that I would see the product (172214..) in TWO product types when subdividing by product type, More... > Brands > Enduramaxx AND Water Tanks > Capacity (Gallons)


This link shows the 2 products in DIFFERENT categories (product types) on our website, it also shows what google is seeing in the merchant centre feed, and it also shows what is showing on the sub divide pages with our shopping account:


Ive spoken to google, they cant see what the issue is and are looking into it, they suggested i change the name of our product type "Brands" to something else because it may be confusing google with its attribute [Brand]





Re: Adwords admin area not showing ALL product categories

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the more detailed information --

forum-members cannot look into any accounts or any submitted-data.

what matters is what the final processing shows and

how that data may be used to define product-groups.

yes, commas may be used to separate multiple product types, not levels,
for a tab-delimited feed; an xml-feed uses multiple elements for multiple
product types, not commas -- regardless, google will not use more than

one product_type for defining product-groups; remaining product_types

are used by google to help with categorization and quality related factors.

the defined specification is to use > to separate multiple levels in a category.

for product_type values --

begin with the item's physical characteristics and a
set of auction bid-strategies to help determine levels.


depending on the item and bid-strategies, a more relevant value may be:

water tanks > enduramaxx > non potable > 150 liter > mdpe > upright

submitted as xml:

<g:product_type>water tanks &gt; enduramaxx &gt; non potable &gt; 150 liter &gt; mdpe &gt; upright</g:product_type>

this allows, for example, for an auction bid-strategy of bidding
lower on non-potable tanks and higher on wras-approved tanks.

for product_type syntax --

to indicate multiple product types in a tab-delimited-feed, use commas:
a > b > c,d > e > f

or, a tab-delimited feed may use duplicate columns, rather than commas.

to indicate the same multiple product types in a google xml feed, use elements:

<g:product_type>a &gt; b &gt; c</g:product_type>
<g:product_type>d &gt; e &gt; f</g:product_type>

if cdata is not used, then the > breadcrumbs must be properly &gt; escaped.


the ad-account will use only the first processed product_type

for product-groups and ignores any remaining product types --

a best-practice is to use only one product_type without any

commas within any values.


more generally, using only relevant, readable, values,

with respect to the specific physical item being sold,

without any symbols or punctuation, is usually best

for product_type.