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Adwords Script Conversion_Value for Shopping Campaigns

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Is it possible to pull out The conversion value for a ProductGroup in a shopping campaign script wrote in javascript? I am currently using this script to pull out the spend and the converted clicks to make bid adjustment in shopping campaigns but i would like to add the Conversion Value field.



function main(){    


var today = new Date()  

var todaynum = today.getDay()   


  if( todaynum !== 0 && todaynum !== 6){     

var productGroups = AdWordsApp.productGroups()    

   .withCondition("Clicks > 20")  


    .withCondition("CampaignName CONTAINS_IGNORE_CASE 'Shopping'")    


while (productGroups.hasNext()) {   

  var productGroup =;  

   var stats = productGroup.getStatsFor("LAST_14_DAYS");    

var cost = stats.getCost();   

  var conversions = stats.getConvertedClicks();   

  var CPO = cost / conversions;  

   var CPC= stats.getAverageCpc();   

  var maxCPC = productGroup.getMaxCpc();    

var clicks = stats.getClicks();    


      if(conversions > 0){     


    if(CPO > 25 && CPC < maxCPC){     



   if(CPO < 10 && CPC > 0.8*maxCPC){ 



} else {  

   if(clicks > 100){  


    }    } } } }

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Re: Adwords Script Conversion_Value for Shopping Campaigns

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there are getClickConversionRate and getConvertedClicks;
otherwise, conversionvalue is exposed in the report methods.

otherwise, the adwords-scripts forum is currently here:!forum/adwords-scripts