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Advertisers prices lower on Google Shopping

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We have noticed a lot of our competitors change their prices on Google Shopping using PPC specific landing pages or dynamic URLs which trigger a discounted price.


Is this against Google Adwords policies? 




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Advertisers prices lower on Google Shopping

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for shopping-ads, the submitted price, the shopping-ad displayed price
for the specific physical inventory item being sold, the price displayed

on the link landing-page, and the structured-data price if present --

must all match, exactly, at all times, for all users, regardless of any

user-specific detail, such as location, ip-address, user agent/browser,

the user's device-type, etc.

currently, merchants cannot look into another merchant's submitted data.

potential policy violations may be reported directly to google:


google is the final arbiter of all policies.


Advertisers prices lower on Google Shopping

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Thanks for replying Celebird,


What I am trying to understand is if its against policies for Google Shopping prices to be lower than what the price would be if you went to the site direct. Competitors are following the rules in terms of feed matching the site, but if you come in from another channel (SEO, Direct) the prices are much higher (separate landing pages perhaps ).




Re: Advertisers prices lower on Google Shopping

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first, you're welcome.


generally, forum-members do not have access to all the raw data and
information that google's policy-teams would have to make a proper
and thorough assessment of potential violations by other merchants.


the best likely course would be to simply report the issue to google --
however, google tends not to comment on other merchant's potential
policy issues, except with the merchant who is under investigation.


modifying a landing-page for different users or based on different
user-details, such as referral-url's, or any other such details,
is generally a poor user experience, which google tends to flag.


google search-engine-optimization issues are rather beyond the scope of
this forum -- but any violation, of any google webmaster/search-console
related quality-guidelines, is also a shopping-ad violation and grounds for
a permanent suspension from the program, at any time.


see also