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Adding a Multi-Client-Account to a Multi-Client-Account?

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I am working for an agency, we have a Multi-Client-Account (Merchant). And there is a new client who wants to start with Google Shopping, this client have 6 domains/webshops. What would be the best way for setting up the structure?


- Best option for us would be to make a Multi-Client-Account for this client, and add this to our Multi-Client-Account in a lower level, but this isn't possible. Or is it somehow?


  • MCA (Agency)
    • MCA (Client)
      • Webshop
      • Webshop
      • Webshop
    • Other Client
    • Other Client

- Another option would be to set up a Multi-Client-Account for this client and to make us admin in this account. Problem is that we can't use the same e-mail adress as we use in our own MCA, because you can only have one MCA attached to an e-mail adress. Is this true?


- Last option is to add the webshops as seperate merchant center accounts to our Multi-Client-Account. Problem is that i can't add the owner as administrator to all the Merchant center accounts cause it is only possible to link one merchant center to an e-mail adress.

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Re: Adding a Multi-Client-Account to a Multi-Client-Account?

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each different site domain with a different google-login (email)
would need to be assigned to a separate sub-account within
the merchant-center multi-client-account.

this is generally not supported in any form since
google generally allows only one, single, website
per merchant for product-listing-ads or is otherwise
a policy violation and grounds for a disapproval or
suspension from the program, at any time; multiple
cookie-cutter sites with any similar products or the
same products listed multiple times from the same
merchant are generally not allowed.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly.