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AdWords Shopping campaign says I have no eligible products

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Yesterday, I had my product feed synced via Google's Content API.


All my products are inside Merchant Center, and they all have green checkmarks indicating that they are searchable. I setup my Shopping campaign got everything setup correctly, and it's great.


EXCEPT you'll notice it says "There are no eligible products for Google Shopping in your linked Merchant Center accounts." I can't get any answers for this.


Google tells me by email that I have to wait 48 hours before product will start showing there. This can't be true, can it? I already waited a day for them to be approved inside merchant center. Also, none of my products are searchable Google Shopping using the 'site:' modifier.

I'd greatly appreciate some help - not being able to make money is sorta brutal.

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Re: AdWords Shopping campaign says I have no eligible products

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depending on the exact circumstances, items matching a

product-group may sometimes take 24-72-hours or so.


also, check the quality-tab within the merchant-center for any quality issues --

quality crawls and website related issues surface after items are processed.


to verify that the attributes in the data submitted are matching a product-group,

within adwords click the products-group tab and then click view-full-list-of-products.


a green check simply indicates that items are eligible to display in results --

to actually display in results depends on the bid and multiple quality factors.


after items have matched a product-group, about the best

way to verify results is by using the adwords adpreview-tool.