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AdWords Auction Insights Report

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So I am trying to understand one thing. My client is selling their product on a retailer like eBay. I can see this retailer is advertising their product on Google. The product price is more expensive than our advertised ad but on SERP they get more clicks.


I know one might say, it is absurd to use the retailer but it is not my call. I am just trying to understand a way to better analyse and inform my client on this issue. Increasing the CPC might be the way to win this competition but what I do not understand is why people choose an expensive product rather than the original one.

It is like eBay is selling Nike shoes and also Nike is advertising the same product. On the SERP, eBay price is $100 and Nike ad has a price of $95 but still losingSmiley Frustrated Interesting... Well, any opinion would be welcome Smiley Happy


Thank you!

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AdWords Auction Insights Report

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Advertising 1 product from a business more then once on Google Shopping is not allowed as per double serving policy. This is a very serious violation and recommends you pause all duplicate ads. If caught by Google, a permanent suspension from the shopping advertising program is imminent.


A user has a lot of reasons. 1 big factor of a eBay add is trust. People know the company and know if something goes wrong they get their money back. This is ofcourse not the only reason, there can be others too.


I recommend building up your trust factor.


Hope this helps.


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AdWords Auction Insights Report

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Well...this is a field for a whole research. Why would a consumer prefer the more expensive price? However, this is a fact. Price is only one factor in consumer's range of considerations. The retailer reputation, certainly, can play a role.

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@Emmanuel F what you have said made me paranoid nowSmiley Happy So having a shop in eBay and selling the same product with a different price violates the policy, right? If this is the case I'll need to consider asking them to decide whether to continue on Adwords themselves or let eBay advertise for them.

Re: AdWords Auction Insights Report

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(a) more clicks do not necessarily mean more conversions.

for example, if brand-awareness is the primary business-goal,
then more clicks without conversions may be the measurable,
permitted, objective -- regardless of conversions.

(b) yes, the best likely course is to ask the client to decide
whether to continue on submitting ads themselves, or have

the marketplace, in this case ebay, advertise on their behalf.

the abuse-of-the-ad-network policies cover websites that offer little unique
value to users and merchants who attempt to gain an unfair advantage in
shopping-campaigns, with respect to both content and physical inventory.

duplicate or similar physical inventory on websites,
duplicate or similar physical inventory submitted as
shopping-ads, and duplicate or similar site content,
may all be considered with respect to the merchant
who owns the physical inventory.

note that google does not check all the policies all of the time --
any related account, submitted inventory, website, or business,
may be flagged at any time and suspensions can be permanent.

otherwise, the basic choice is more control verses added time and labor.

(c) consumers may choose higher prices for a variety of factors,
including trust-signals and trust over time, lower shipping-costs,
more shipping-options, customer-friendly return-and-refund policies,
payment-choice, related delivery or customer-satisfaction guarantees,
a reputable social-media social-responsibility or community presence,
popularity, more diverse selections of related or competitive products,
skilled and amiable customer-service, stronger customer-relationships
over time, more detailed or better presented product information, the
user-experience on a website over a wider-range of devices including
checkout-flows, and, of course, better advertising.