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Ad spend vs time of day in Google Shopping campaign

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This question concerns a small, starter shopping campaign. It has 14 models of reconditioned, popular smartphone products, $20/day ad spend, and has been running since Nov 14.  


When I check the ad spend in the morning (US Eastern time, the same time zone the campaign is set to) it appears as if the daily ad spend is already almost expended - e.g., $16.63 at 9:00am EST yesterday.  It looks like we're getting big bursts of clicks around 8am/9am eastern, e.g. 17 clicks yesterday @~$0.60 between 8 and 9am EST.  


That's ok as long as it's real traffic vs click fraud (we're checking the server log IP's), but given the campaign parameters i'm surprised so much the ad budget is being consumed so early.  Perhaps Google simply has adapted from our campaign history that our clicks are likely to come early?


However, if I run a "Dimensions" report for the past 30 days it appears the ad spend is being fairly evenly distributed across each 24 hour period, as I would expect it to be.


The "Delivery Method" is set to: Delivery method Standard: Optimize delivery of ads, spending budget evenly over time (Recommended)


Ads are showing all the time (24 hrs/7 days). Geo target is the United States. This account is set to the US Eastern time zone.


There must be something I'm missing, or that I am misinterpreting here? Could this have something to do with delays in reporting?

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Ad spend vs time of day in Google Shopping campaign

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I recommend checking the search terms, certain search terms are known to be suspicious. Which are possible being triggered by data collecting services and or manual collecting. So in a way fake clicks. However don't take my word for it, but I have found particular search terms to be abnormal from a normal search behavior. I simply exclude these keywords.


When hitting the daily budget, ether increase the budget, lower the CPC, exclude keywords, add negative bid adjusters to location, scheduling or device. Even with "delivery method" it does not work if your bids are too high.


I tend to look at data for the past 7 days, not including the same day. As the data is not live and has at least 2 or more hours delay.


Hope it helps

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