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Account suspension notification in the Merchant Center Dashboard

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My name is Pankhi Gakhar and I work with the Shopping Quality Operations team at Google.

In our last forum post, we covered the fundamentals of Merchant Center account suspensions for Google Shopping.

Today, we will take another step in explaining how account suspensions for Google Shopping are presented in the Merchant Center.

If you have any suggestions on similar subjects that you would like us to cover, please leave a comment and we will be happy to share more insights in upcoming posts. Thanks!

At Google Shopping, we require all our merchants to follow the Google Shopping Policies and the Google Shopping Products Feed Specification. If we find that your Google Merchant Center account is in violation of either of these, we will suspend the account and may also take action on the related Merchant Center or AdWords accounts.


Note: Here, the reference is to the disapproval of items from Google Shopping. The items in the account will still be available for other destinations, and your actual Google account will still allow you to access other Google products.


As we discussed in our last forum post, when an account is suspended from Google Shopping, a suspension email outlining the disapproval reason(s) is sent to the primary and technical contacts in Merchant Center. For the same reason, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of keeping your Merchant Center account contacts up-to-date. You can update your contacts in the General Settings tab of Merchant Center.


Once the account is suspended, the suspension status is also viewable in the Dashboard tab. The following message in the Dashboard is indicative of account suspension from Google Shopping:



The message further indicates the exact target countries that have been suspended.

For example, the following snapshots display the suspension notifications when an account is suspended for Google Shopping in the US. The notification message may vary from one violation type to another.






To understand why your Shopping product listings were suspended, we recommend that you  follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the resources highlighted in the suspension notification in the Dashboard.

  • Read the suspension email carefully. The suspension emails usually list the suspension reasons along with examples of violating products. They also point to relevant Help Center resources that relate directly to your account’s suspension.

  • In case you’d like more details, contact us using this form highlighted in the suspension notification.

While the Dashboard tab gives you an overview of your account, we also encourage you to keep checking the Data Quality and the Data Feeds tabs in your Merchant Center account.

In case of further questions, please post them in the Google Shopping forum. You can also contact us here for any additional information about your Merchant Center account.


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Re: Account suspension notification in the Merchant Center Dashboard

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This is really helpful Pankhi - thanks for sharing!