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Account suspended will still get a review when theres sale??

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Not sure why this happen but I got an email and look at my google merchant account and it says this "

All your items have been suspended from the destinations and countries listed below." so im not sure if I can still recieve review when there is a sale?
The popup button is still showing though. Also, I looked at the articles for the suspension of account and I dont see any that I violated the terms of google merchant. So now im lost what to do..
Any advice??
Thank you
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Account suspended will still get a review when theres sale??

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yes, a customer-review should still be sent after a sale --

assuming the customer opts-in and the opt-in is working.


the google-customer-reviews and paid shopping-ads
are entirely separate programs -- the two programs
simply both use the merchant-center as a platform.

suspensions for shopping (ads) only affect participation in paid shopping-ads;
the merchant-center-account and participation in other programs, such as
google-customer-reviews, will not be suspended as a direct result of any
shopping-ad suspension -- and vice versa.

that said, there are some common policies, between the programs, that should
likely be considered; for example, both program-policies look to protect the
safety, security, and privacy of users, require precise accuracy for an offer,
business transparency, and acceptable business models and practices, and

both programs have similar restrictions on spam/ads on sites, and many of

the same prohibitions on sensitive topic areas, such as alcohol, gambling,

health-care or any health related claims, etc. -- a shopping-ad suspension

may sometimes be a harbinger of a future customer-reviews suspension.

as to the shopping-ad suspension, specifically, check for any details under
the reason-column, under the main dashboard, and click on any learn-more

links, near the upper-right-hand-corner of the suspension message:

also, check for any diagnostics details, under current-issues, and

historic-issues by clicking on dates, within the diagnostics-graph:

otherwise, google may be contacted directly:

see also


Account suspended will still get a review when theres sale??

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Thanks.. I did contact them already and explained to them. Will wait for reply, hopefully they will