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Account suspended due to policy violation: landing page not working

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I've uploaded my feed of 7109 products

In my Diagnostics tab: Current Issues >> Account, it says:

"Account suspended due to policy violation: landing page not working"

So all my items were disapproved

 I've check my landing pages, they work well !

Anyone can help?




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December 2015

Re: Account suspended due to policy violation: landing page not workin

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all landing-pages must respond properly to
all google's crawl requests, at all times --
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds
for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

unfortunately, landing-pages that work in a browser
in no way indicates that google can crawl the pages
or that the pages are responding properly, at the
time google requested the pages.

(1) inspect the web-server's log files to be certain
that googlebot, googlebot-image, and adsbot-google,
all have access to the website and the website is
being crawled and is responding with proper headers,
return-codes, mime-types, and content-lengths --
at all times.

(2) the site must (a) respond properly and (b) must keep pace
with all googlebot, googlebot-image, and adsbot-google requests --
check the server logs for any related issues.

(3) be certain that all link and mobile_link url values
are pointing to a proper landing-page that shows the
exact item being purchased and displays the same
regardless of where a user is physically located or,
any other user-identifiable information -- such as,
user-agent, browser, ip-address, device, etc.


if adwords_redirect is being submitted --

be certain to verify that landing-page

also functions properly per google's

rules and policies.

(4) be certain the landing-page shows a clear representation
of the product being purchased with one, single, price and a
single add-to-cart or similar button.

(5) be certain that all link and mobile_link url's submitted
do not contain any spaces, that must be escaped, or special
or unsupported characters that cannot be processed by google.

(6) be certain that the landing-pages do not redirect,
do not contain any pop-ups, and render properly without
covering the product-offer details.

(7) inspect the robots.txt and other web-server configurations
to verify that googlebot, googlebot-image, and adsbot-google,
all have access to the website.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we would typically need specific information such as exact status information
from the merchant-center-account, the specific registered url, the exact data
submitted such as the exact link url values, etc, posted here in the public
forum [minus any personal or private information] to help diagnose a potential
issue or offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist --