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Account Suspension

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Our account has been active for about a year now.  We did recently change prices for our products on our website and Google suspended our account until we could adjust pricing in our merchant center account.  Problem is we did adjust all pricing to match what is on our website, however are still being told our account will remain suspended due to inaccurate pricing.  We have corrected all pricing issues and asked for an account review, however were told today the problem still exists.  We have line checked all 2300 skus and pricing is correct.  What can we do to get this reviewed so our products can be shopped again?



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Re: Account Suspension

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for inaccurate pricing issues --

be certain there is only one single price and one single item
with a price on the link landing-page -- the price submitted,
the price displayed on the link landing-page, and the default
add-to-cart price, must match exactly, at all times, for all users,
regardless of where the user is physically located.

also, be certain that google can crawl the site --
google must be able to crawl the site to verify
the prices and all policies.


also, if variants are being submitted or on the website, be certain that

item_group_id and variant attributes are being properly submitted and

the landing-pages adhere to google's variant related (pricing) policies.

also, if the automatic-item-updates feature is set in the account, be certain
that the rich-snippets (microdata) are properly implemented on the website,
and are currently matching the feed and landing-page displayed information,
exactly -- otherwise, the feature must be disabled in the merchant-center.

generally, google is looking for a long-term fix,
such that the issue will not reoccur; not simply
fixing this particular iteration of the issue.

after a long-term fix has been implemented, simply resubmit the feed
and submit the manual-review-form to google -- explain exactly what
was done to fix the issue within the data-feed or on the site, or both,
and how the fix will prevent the issue from reoccurring.

be certain all issues are fixed before contacting google --
otherwise, if google reviews the fix and determines that
the issue was not properly addressed, another manual
review will not be allowed for another seven-days.

in severe cases or reoccurring violations, google may permanently
suspend a site or account, at any time -- if so, reviews cannot be
requested; the length of time an account has been active is usually
not a factor in any suspension or review.

a manual reevaluation may be requested from google here:

see also