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Account Suspended

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I have tried my best to make my website compliant with Google merchant center policies. The feed is perfect with no errors.


Usually I get the same automatic suspension message. But this time someone sent me 2 reasons for the suspension of my account. Here are they:


  • Provide users with accurate information and any associated risks of using the site
  • Provide users with the products and level of service portrayed by the site and expected of trust

My website provides 100% accurate information and there are no risks associated with the product (even then I included the disclaimer).


I do not understand what can be the issue.


Please help.

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Re: Account Suspended

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Contact Google Adwords by phone and ask for an explanation.

Your issue might be the products you are selling. Your products might be considered high risk sale. Where the customers satisfaction level might not be up to scratch.
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Re: Account Suspended

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Thank you Emmanuel for the reply.

Actually I see all my competitors running ads of the same products with even less optimized site (no contact information, no phone numbers etc).

I called Google, they told me they cannot give explanation and they think my account is suspended for good.

I don't know why are they doing this, I deserve to know the reason for suspension I think.

Re: Account Suspended

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associated-risks violations fall under the user-safety policies;
expected-trust violations typically may encompass any of the
related transparency and privacy policies.

often, a simple disclaimer is not enough --
the actual claims made must be removed.

similarly, with respect to user-safety
the issues may relate to what is being
promoted, not only how the information
is presented on the page.

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
posting the specific website url and link landing-pages that were being submitted
may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to re-contact google directly
and ask for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist.

however, if the issues relate to the business-model or the supply-chain
of the products that are being promoted on the website then, typically
nothing whatever can be done on the website to alter the suspension --
some suspensions are simply permanent.

for example, services are simply not allowed
to be promoted as product-listing-ads, at all.

see also

Re: Account Suspended

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Thank you Celebird.

I understand what you are saying.

Actually, I see the same product ads from my competitors and they are running for over 3+ years with no suspensions.

Products are cellphone parts like LCDs and other small parts.

Re: Account Suspended

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first, you're welcome.

unfortunately, without more specific and exact details,
forum-members can mainly offer general suggestions.

generally, most parts must be submitted without global-trade-data
and the supply-chain inventory details must be clearly indicated on
the landing-page; for example, used vs manufactured for retail-sale.

however, if google is indicating that the suspension
is permanent then, there will typically be no details
forthcoming since in those specific cases, nothing

can be done to fix the issue.


re-contacting google and asking for a product-listing-ads specialist may help.

as to seeing the same similar product-ads from competitors -- typically,
google does not compare merchants against other merchants who seem
to be violating the same similar policies and have not been caught yet, are
currently under investigation, or who have been flagged but their items are
not fully removed from the auctions yet, or any other similar circumstances --
merchants are usually assessed in isolation, compared to the published policies.

potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google --

Re: Account Suspended

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I have the exact same problem.  This is the response I got.




Currently the account is violation of our Terms and Conditions. The policy team has strict guidelines that must be met in order to advertise with us. Unfortunately, we can't not provide specifics on how on how our team makes those decisions. Until those requirements are met, we can not enable the account. 

Google Shopping requires that merchants provide transparency into the product that's being promoted and the business model of the merchant site. Therefore, we require that merchants do the following:

  • Provide users with accurate information and any associated risks of using the site
  • Provide users with the products and level of service portrayed by the site and expected of trustworthy merchants

All Google advertisers are required to follow these advertising policies. Ads that do not comply with our guidelines are disapproved. If your ad has been disapproved, we encourage you to make the necessary changes in order to resume running your ad. We appreciate your effort in refining your ads to meet our guidelines. This will contribute to your ongoing success with Google Shopping and ensure consistency for our user experience.


We encourage you to spend time reviewing these guidelines and refining your campaigns in order to generate more effective ads. You can find our Google Shopping Policies at and our Products Feed Specification at


What could be the problem on my listing??

Re: Account Suspended

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Yea, I do not understand what's going on.

My website seems 100% ok.

SSL - Check
Contact info - Check
Complete accurate product details - Check
Returns, Warranty and shipping clearly displayed on each page - Check
Price clearly displayed - Check
Disclaimers - Check
Mobile optimized - Check

I don't know what else should I have to do to make my merchant account re-instated.

I called Google like 8 times and asked them please let me know what's the reason, they told me they don't get the reason from technical department.

The most interesting thing is...

I got a call from Google few days back and they told me that my account my disabled due to mistake by someone and they will re-instate my account.

3 days passed, nothing happened.

I called again and they told me, sorry it was a mistake too and your account is disabled.

Any help please?

Re: Account Suspended

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the providing users with accurate information,
and providing users with the products portrayed,
generally fall under the user-safety polices.

secure checkout, clear return and refund policies,
business-contact information that is accurate and
can be verified, and product pages with clear and

accurate prices, are certainly critical components.

in addition, the exact products being submitted, especially with respect
to global-trade-data, product images, product supply-chains, and physical
in-stock available inventory, are other areas to consider.

for example, product images that show more than the exact product
being sold and shipped to the customer or submitted images that
do not clearly show the product being purchased, or contain logos,
promotional text, or any ancillary information.


for example, product pages that show different information

based on a user's location or other user-specific details.

for example, sites with either too many out of stock items or not enough
in stock items with respect to the submitted-data, or products that were

not originally manufactured for retail-sale, may meet with greater scrutiny,

in terms of assessing if the products-portrayed can be provided to a user,

in a timely manner.


for example, items submitted with a condition of new
that are not brand-new, had been used in some way,
not in its original retail packaging, or were opened.

for example, sites with difficult or unclear product navigation.

for example, the expected trust aspects may also go to the overall
business-model, ratings and reviews, delivery reliability, and other
areas indirectly related to the products being displayed to customers.

the overall policy relates to protecting users from ads, websites,
products, or business-models, that may put users at risk or simply
not provide a good user experience, from google's perspective.

if a support-specialist has indicated that the issues were reevaluated
or may have been resolved then, the best likely course would simply
be to continue working directly with google.

Re: Account Suspended

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Thanks for helping.

I don't know if I should ask this, but if you could just have a birds eye view of my website that would greatly help.

My website is

I have submitted just 6 products on Google Shopping, all of which are in stock.

One of the products I submitted is:

When you have time, I would greatly appreciate if you check the link.

Thank you.