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Account Suspended

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I've had my account suspended, and have now finally found out why- I was told my description of my products were not clear enough, this makes no sense and is hugely frustrating the products I sell are technical by nature so i'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do now, also the frustrating thing is that my competitors are all on google shopping feed with less descriptive and even in some case virtually the same text but don't seem to have a problem!

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Re: Account Suspended

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Hi, if you want an outsiders perspective, could you paste one description that has been suspended with the landing page.

I'll have a look and see what I can suggest.

But if Google says its not clear enough, than you really need to fix it as Google will not change there opinion. And you will need to rewrite it.
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Re: Account Suspended

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to potentially avoid a permanent suspension the best likely course is to

address the issue that google has indicated, in a timely manner, for all

items and be certain that a long-term fix has been implemented.

forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information
posted here in the public forum -- in this particular case, a few specific
items, extracted directly from the feed, would likely be needed for more
specific suggestions on how to possibly address the issue.


links to landing-pages may help -- but link landing-pages

do not necessarily reflect exactly what is being submitted.

generally, description should be clear and accurate for the physical item,
relevant with respect to the physical item, and accurately and uniquely
describe the physical item's characteristics or how the physical item might
be used -- using plain (ascii) text and standard punctuation without any
formatting or promotional-text -- between 500 and 1000 characters or so.


one technique is to imagine the customer has never seen the product --
the product must be described over-the-phone to a potential customer,
without any image of the product, and the price mentioned only once;
when the product is shipped, received, and a bill is seen, each is exactly
what the customer expected, based on that phone-call; the landing-page
and what's seen during checkout, should clearly reflect that information.

importantly perhaps, be certain that any fixes are all encompassing
and demonstrate that a long-term fix has been implemented; such that,
the same similar issue will never reoccur.

any single serious violation, any single violation that is
not fixed in a timely manner, or any repeated violations --
especially for the same similar issue -- can result in a
permanent suspension from the program, at any time.

as to competitors having the same similar violation but are still being listed --
typically, google does not compare merchants against other merchants who
seem to be violating the same similar policies and have not been caught yet,
currently under investigation, or who have been flagged but their items are
not fully removed from the auctions yet, or any other similar circumstances --
merchants are usually assessed in isolation, compared to the current policies;
potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google.

Re: Account Suspended

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The main problem I am having is not knowing exactly why my account was suspended, first chap I spoke to on the online chat said it was because my "description of my products were not clear enough" so I changed some listings and submitted only the products with changed listings on my feed, after 2-3 days my account was still suspended so I again went onto the chat, this time I was told its not the product listings themselves but the website is the problem but he would give me no more details, he then informed me that he will get an E-mail to me within 24hrs with the reasons for the suspension, this was now over a week ago and still no E-mail, I'm happy to make changes to the site but I need to know what the issue is....a link to one of the products on the feed don't really know what to do now if im honest, I've E-mailed them but got no response at all, I seem to be going around in circles.

Re: Account Suspended

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There are two elements on your website that are missing.

Ether I could not find it or there is no Returns and Refund Policy

Your checkout is not secured, when collecting personal information you need to secure the connection, meaning your url needs to be HTTPS and not HTTP.

Do note that these things is what I spot and might or might not be related to your suspension.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Account Suspended

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in addition to missing a clear return-and-refund policy description,
and missing https/ssl secure user-data collection (during checkout),
the contact page usually must include a valid e-mail address, a phone
number that will ring and be answered, and a physical street address
that can be resolved on google-maps -- in addition to a contact-form.

however, forum members can mainly offer suggestions based on
the information that is posted here within the public help-forums.

the best likely course is to continue working directly with google --
asking for a merchant-center product-listing-ads specialist on the
phone may sometimes help.