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Account Suspended - Incomplete Checkout

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Hello guys,


We are new to the Merchant Center as well as adwords.


Over the weekend we thought we would try it using a free voucher before we looked to bring an agency in to take over and push it forward. However arriving here on monday I have seen our account was suspended for this:


Account suspended due to policy violation: checkout incomplete


I understand this is because Google thinks people cannot checkout and buy the item on our store, which is just incorrect as we have had orders before and orders after this happened... I am at a total loss to why this happened.


Could anyone give me a little help here? Have we done something wrong.

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Re: Account Suspended - Incomplete Checkout

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Hi Stephen,

It is not always compulsory that a transaction is needed, there may be different goals.
Have you consulted adwords support regarding the same?

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Re: Account Suspended - Incomplete Checkout

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generally, a shopping-cart with a checkout process that is
entirely https/ssl secure are required for product-listing-ads.

checkout-incomplete typically means that some part of the
checkout process is collecting some user information but
some of the checkout-flow pages are not https/ssl secure --
or some portion of the checkout data is incomplete or there
is a mismatch between what is submitted, displayed, or the

default add-to-cart details during checkout.

first, be certain the entire checkout-flow is entirely https/ssl secure.

also, be certain that the price and inventory status data
that is displayed on the site matches the submitted data
and the default add-to-cart (checkout) data, exactly.

also, if the automatic-item-updates feature is enabled within the account,
be certain that the microdata on the site exactly matches the submitted,
displayed, and default checkout (add-to-cart) information and conforms
to all merchant-center-policies for the automatic-item-updates feature --
otherwise, the automatic-item-updates feature can (must) be disabled.

also, be certain shipping is either exact or an overestimate.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into submitted data or accounts;
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the information posted here --
we would typically need more exact information posted here in the public
forums, such as the exact data being submitted and website landing-page
to offer more exact suggestions.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist may be contacted directly.


as an aside, many vouchers require a minimum spend before

the voucher amount can be subtracted from the amount spent --

always check voucher details carefully, potentially with guidance

from a support-specialist.