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About Shopping Attribute

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Hello Experts,


Suppose I will sell pipe in australia. but i have no 

gtin brand mpn item group id

can i give the value FALSE in excel sheet?


these are compulsory in australia.


Kind Regards

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Re: About Shopping Attribute

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for an (excel) spreadsheet, simply type FALSE
in the cell under the column (attribute) named
identifier_exists for the item.

then, leave the gtin, mpn, and brand values entirely empty for the item.

never, ever, use FALSE for any global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin);
global-trade-data values must be either exactly as assigned by the
product's manufacturer -- or left entirety blank (entirely empty).

if there is no identifier_exists attribute in the spreadsheet
then, simply add a new column and name the new column

if all inventory items have not been assigned any proper
global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) by the manufacturer
then, the mpn, brand, and gtin columns may be deleted --
and all identifier_exists (cell) values should be FALSE

see also

Re: About Shopping Attribute

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Thanks Celebird,

How Google Doc Sheet Fatch my products? Should I do this public and any other changes? I see online Google Doc sheet is private. Should i change any changes or no need?

Warm Regards

Re: About Shopping Attribute

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first, you're welcome.

that depends on the file-format that was registered --
.txt tab-delimited (spreadsheet) or a google-sheet.

if a google-sheet was registered -- then, a fetch-now button
should be seen and the google-spreadsheet usually must be
(changed to) shared -- e.g. anyone-with-the-link -- and then,
fetched manually or via a schedule.

if a .txt file was registered -- then, a manual-upload button
should be seen, the google-spreadsheet can be private,
but the .txt file must be exported as tab-separated-values
and then re-uploaded manually, via ftp, or scheduled.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or account
however, a merchant-center support specialist may be contacted --

see also