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90% Drop in Shopping

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Hi everyone,

One of my client's account has a 90% drop in term of impression since at least 48h.
We did not touch the account recently (so no Cpc increase/decrease). The merchant account is also good (no suspension).

I see a drop that I cannot explain. When I call the support, I just got answered: "That's normal; don't worry!".

May someone has an explanation, or do you think I should insist with the support.

Nota: The number of impressions was growing, because we increased twice the Cpc during that period of time. The latest one was February 1st.

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90% Drop in Shopping

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such sudden drops in impressions are usually due to
either natural or seasonal fluctuations for the vertical,
or some aspect of competition in the auctions, either
self-inflicted or external.


as was indicated, such natural fluctuations can be common.

there are fundamentally only two ways to improve impressions;
either increase the bid or improve quality; quality has many
internal and external factors, all should likely be considered --
especially in relation to any potential competition.

as just one example, a client that ends-up having listed the same similar
physical-inventory, from both a marketplace-venue and a private-website,
may eventually see a sudden, self-inflicted, drastic drop in impressions.


for example, a sudden increase in poor reviews by multiple customers,

that allows other merchants to compete more easily or with little effort.


for example, a google rule or recommendation that goes un-flagged,

but causes a sudden drop in overall quality, as google analyzes the

data; or, a competitor correcting such an issue, resulting in a sudden

increase in their overall quality and performance in the auctions.

the best likely course is to analyze as much data as possible,
especially against similar time frames over years, and consider
all competition-based possibilities, as the source of the issue
and as a guide to reacting to the accumulated information.

posting, here in public, more specific details,  such as the specific
website url, specific feed details of all attributes and values for
one or two items that currently may have retained impressions

and one or two items where impressions have fallen, etc., may

allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.