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4 Shipping Services with Identical Weight Divisions for different US States, but only 1 working?

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We have a mystery.  Only 1 of our 4 Shipping Services works for all 114 Products we have. The 4 Shipping Services have Identical Weight Divisions.  The only difference is that each Shipping Service is for a different CheckBox selection of US States and thus with slightly different pricing.


Yet for all 114 Products (hence their weights should fit each Shipping Service the same) only 1 Shipping Service works (green box below) and the other three Shipping Services all state:

No rate available. The product can't be delivered to this location based on the shipping settings." (see red boxes below).


Screenshot 2016-12-03 03.25.17.jpg

We're new to Google Merchant.  So perhaps this is a newbie mistake?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just a final note or non-clue, we have 0 errors or warnings related to either our Shipping Service or our Products.  


Much Thanks,




PS We've subsequently added more columns for each of our state groups to the single working Shipping Service. (based on the clue that "when multiple rates are available", though with 4 Shipping Services each to unique set of states this was also true before.)  If this is the right way, confirmation replies would be helpful both for us and anyone else who ever googles that return message, "No rate available. The product can't be delivered to this location based on the shipping settings."  Thanks, Dan.

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Re: 4 Shipping Services with Identical Weight Divisions for different US States, but only 1 working?

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google will only display one, single, shipping-rate at a time --
the shipping-rate based on the current physical location of
the merchant/user currently viewing the item.


a no-rate message simply indicates that either (a) no-shipping was
explicitly selected for one of the active shipping-services set in the
shipping-settings of the merchant-center-account, or (b) simply that
the merchant viewing the item is currently within a physical location
that does not have a corresponding shipping-rate set or submitted
for the item, or (c) shipping is properly set or submitted but google

is displaying only the one, single, shipping-rate for the merchant's

current location.


if no-shipping was explicitly selected in the account-settings, then that
indicates to google that a merchant cannot or will not ship items to a
location -- so, shopping-ads cannot be shown to users in those locations
and related shipping-rates cannot be determined for ad-display purposes;

the item will be disapproved unless another shipping-rate can be applied.


shipping must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.


otherwise, the shipping-rate shown in the merchant-center's products-list-tab
is based on the current location of the merchant, at the time the item was
viewed -- which will reflect what a user sees only if a user is in the same
similar location.


to see what other user's in a targeted-location may see for a shipping-rate,
simply, virtually, change the current location by clicking on destination,
just above the calculated shipping-rate and entering a different location,
on the line below destination.


note that currently there is no way for any (google-shopping/shopping-ad)
user to directly change their location, nor is there any way for users to select
any shipping options -- so, only the lowest-rate is displayed by google for
a shopping-ad, for the user's current, auto-calculated, physical location.


feed processing will never show such detailed shipping issues --
feed processing simply does a very superficial check for syntax
and for some minor policy issues related only to submitted data.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any accounts, shipping-settings,
nor any submitted data -- however, a merchant-center support-specialist at
google may be contacted directly to look into accounts and related details.


see also