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20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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Our PLA traffic(clicks) suddenly dropped by 20% since two weeks ago. We didn't drop bids or make big changes to our data feeds. It happened so fast! I tried to increase the bids a little bit but that didn't help much.


We usually upload feeds every 24 hours, and increase or decrease bids by 5-10% weekly or bi-weekly. Our traffic has been at the same level for months before this sudden drop. I did notice there are more items being 'under review' in merchant center.


Does anybody have any thoughts or insights on what caused this?

We haven't converted into Shopping campaign yet as the shopping campaign's reporting is bad at this moment.

Will increasing bid help?



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Re: 20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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after an item has a searchable status and is available to

google (adwords), the bid and quality factors determine

the outcome in the (product-listing-ad) auctions.


check for any changes to the submitted (feed) data,

on the website, or within the adwords account;

for example, be certain the campaign is active --

has enough budget and is not paused.


if items have a review status then that can indicate

the items will not be entered into the auctions --

and account for the drop in traffic; if so, no amount

of increased bids can bring back the same traffic.


other merchants increasing their quality and bids -- or simply

an overall increase in competition -- can result in traffic drops.


in those cases, look to increase the bid or improve as

many quality factors as possible; if possible, look to a

specific set of items to change rather than impacting

currently high performing items that are bringing traffic

(measure carefully before, during, and after any changes).


otherwise, for the under-review issue google may be contacted here:

note that a feed can sometimes take 24-72 hours or so to fully process.


Re: 20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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Thanks for the reply!
There are a bunch of items in our feeds have been under ‘awaiting review’ status for over two weeks.
Is there any ways to make the review process go faster?
We have a Google account manager and I've emailed him about this issue, but he didn't reply to me...

Re: 20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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first, you're welcome.

most (delays in) awaiting-review are usually triggered by a few issues; e.g.
(a) a potential policy violation of an item, feed, website, or type of item;
(b) submitted data not adhering to the rules or policies of a target-country;
(c) a recently registered feed or a feed with unreported (syntax) errors.
(d) a feed/item that has not been updated with respect to the most recent policies;
(e) certain (feed) data updates -- such as a new product or any id update;
(f) a feed that has not been updated (re-uploaded) in over a month;
(g) id values that are not unique or change per item across multiple feeds.

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --
without more specific information it's difficult to be more specific.

check the specific items, feed, and website against the following policies --

if an account-manager has been contacted the best
likely course would simply be to wait for their reply.

Re: 20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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A bit of updates: Our Google manager requested a manual recrawl of our images (which caused the delayed review) and had the awaiting review items approved. Yeah!

Re: 20% Drop in Traffic From Product Listing Ads

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that's great news! and thank you for the update.