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2 types of enhanced CPC

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I need help on this, recently i have been experiencing of 20% decrease of clicks and impressions on my account since August, i believe it has got to do with the new features of enhanced CPC since it changed on June, upon checking on my setting today, I notice there is 2 enhanced cpc bidding, 1 is a tick box to enable enhanced CPC under manual CPC, another one is enhanced CPC under automated bid strategies, thus my questions;


1) what is the different of these 2 enhanced CPC?


2) I have been using enhanced CPC under manual CPC since it rolled out on year 2012 which been performing up to my expectation but getting lesser click recently, what you think is the cause of this?

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2 types of enhanced CPC

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The most likely cause of a decrease in clicks is competition and your account status/ranking. When it comes to advertising it changes pretty much every minute. Meaning that if I a competitor increase my bid, I will most likely get more impressions. This means you will get less. Other factors such as data feed quality and completion or campaign setup will contribute allot towards increasing impressions. If you don't improve much on the data feed and or campaigns than a decrease in traffic is very likely to happen at any given moment.


I highly recommend to start improving all elements, advertising is a constantly changing environment, what you had a month ago will not be the same as this month.


To your answer your question


Manual Enhanced Bids :

Automated Enhanced Bids :


Hope it helps.

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