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2 Identical Item IDs, different GTINs

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I have 2 similar, yet seperate (carton vs palette), products with the exact same ITEM ID.  I am wondering if I would be able to apply different GTINs to the same ITEM ID to differentiate? Thanks! 

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Re: 2 Identical Item IDs, different GTINs

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Hi there,

An important rule is one ID per product ever. You can't use the same ID twice. The ID is up to you, either your CMS, or feed plugin or custom feed code is assigning it. So you need to work it out your end.


OR, just delete one of the them from the feed. People after the product in pallet size will probably still find it on your site after clicking on the carton ad. You could even put Also Available in Pallet in the title or description.


Re: 2 Identical Item IDs, different GTINs

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identical item_group_id values may be used to submit
the same product that differs by a physical attribute
variation, such as color or size.

if the manufacturer has not assigned different global-trade-data values,
to different physical product variations, then two items that have the same
item_group_id may also have identical global-trade-data (gtin, brand, mpn) --

global-trade-data can only be assigned by manufacturers -- not merchants.

as was indicated, id is effectively a private inventory sku
and must be unique per physical item-offer -- submitting
two items with the same id value will simply be overlayed
by the last item that was processed by google.


id and item_group_id are different attributes that serve different purposes.

title and description should only ever mention the exact
physical inventory item-offer being sold and shipped --
mentioning other similar products available is a violation
of google's guidelines for shopping-ads.


depending on the details, the same inventory item-offer,
with different delivery options, may not be allowed, at all --
these are more likely different shipping options, rather than
different physical inventory items, or product variations.