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$100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Earlier this month my google shopping campaign was paused so I could address some feed data issues. I needed to adjust a bunch of pricing and also fix up my website for the holidays and speed up my site.

Prior to my pausing the campaign these were my settings, which had been in use for months and steadily sending me a suitable amount of clicks and conversions:


Daily Max Budget: $6

Default Max CPC: 0.10

Mobile audience was actually adjusted to a -32% bid adjustment.


My average day with the above settings were:

13,366 impressions

222 clicks

spending $5.96 per day


Now after I adjusted my site and feed (which looks great right now with no disapprovals and all items with all data 100% accurate) I re-activated the campaign and adjusted my budget to get very aggressive over the holiday season.


My new settings are:

Daily Max Budget: $100

Default Max CPC: $1.00

Mobile audience set with a +20% bid adjustment.

Now after a couple days, the daily stats look like this:

5,965 impressions

58 clicks

spending $1.53 per day


Sooooo clearly SOMETHING is wrong, and it couldn't be at a worse time.

So assuming my feed is pretty much the same, and the campaign settings are all the same (except for budgets)


With my gross increase in budgeting my ads should be getting WAY more impressions in general and especially WAYYYY more than when the daily budget was $6.00

Doesn't google want my money?

Not only am I not seeing an increase, even with a max CPC 10x greater and a daily budget almost 20x greater, but I am seeing WAY LESS activity across the board.




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Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Hi Chef
I can empathize what you are trying to highlight. Need to know a few things before going ahead please- when did you pause the campaign(s) what is the the nature of changes you made in the feed? I am assuming the feed name and products IDs and attributes are kept same?


Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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paused on Nov 16th, restarted on Nov 25th. some IDs were updated maybe a total of 10 out of 187. The rest of the items only had price changes. the feed shows all items approved and active (green in the overview chart).

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Thanks Chef for answering my questions. First thing I would suggest is checking the 10 items you changed ID of and determine if those were the items getting bulk of the impressions/clicks earlier. If this is a yes then you are almost confirmed where the problem is. If however the answer is no then we need to dig further.

In that case, I will suggest you bring the max CPC down to somewhere slightly higher than previous bids; you previous CPC was .03 as per your data (6/200) and it is highly unlikely that current bids should go 33 times higher. From my personal experience, I have seen clicks/impr plummeting with even a 50% increase in max cpc bids. Once you bring the max cpc bids down, just give it a day or 2.

Use the bid simulator tool to check the expected bids and clicks. Also check the Benchmark CPC and CTR for referencing. Just to be sure double check campaign settings, locations etc and the expiry date of the feed as often approved products feed get expired without catching anyone's attention!

If you get time after doing the above, just run searches with your marquee keywords in google shopping to see what your competitors are up to. Still if there's nothing happening, please let us know and we will be happy to help.


Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Please explain "marquee keywords" are you referring to Product titles? I name all my items carefully to contain keywords that best match search behavior. For items like shirts that I offer, which have not received any item ID changes (only price changes) I can copy and paste the EXACT item name into google shopping and still not see them. When I add my brand name or my site name, they show up. Increasing a max cpc resulting in ads not showing makes less than no sense. If my previous click cost averaged at 0.03 why would increasing this bid to 1.00 have an inverse effect on my ads? Also to be clear, Item ID was NOT changed for any of my top performing products. I am very up to date on all product feed specification requirements and all my items are showing green lit for search and shopping. I do not have any keywords or negative keywords set up in my campaign as I was informed that google shopping uses Titles and description to match searches. Further thoughts? Also "giving it a day or two" seems like a tall request since today is a crucial sales day. I am already losing big.

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Hi Chef,

I know it is a long shot but I have noticed that sometimes if a campaign is paused for too long the quality score sometimes resets back to 6/10. Now while Google states that pausing a campaign does not affect a campaign whatsoever, I beg to differ. My testing has shown a clear rise in CPC after ads are paused on more than one occasion.

Google has also stated on multiple occasions that the quality score of 6/10 is not your actual quality score and has no affect on your CPC and position. Again I say that during the quality score waiting period your positions are indeed influenced and hopefully I can write an article in this community to explain this once I figure out how.

When you made the changes to your website, you may have changed some URL targets forcing your ads to reset and lose historical data. While historical data does not affect quality score, it does cause keywords to default back to 6/10 if your ad is paused and this does indirectly affect the estimated cost per click (not the actual) , so just wait a little while and it should resolve itself anywhere from 2 to 30 days.

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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I will exercise patience in the matter as you suggest. I somehow feel as though perhaps the aggressive and sudden change in my budgeting is somehow factoring in. As you are suggesting on other matters that should not affect my ads, perhaps the drastic change is having some type of affect.
I would like to know where I can read more on this ranking. I do not recall reading anything about a default 6/10 ranking... I would love to read more on it and how the ranking is determined.
I appreciate your explanations and hope to see some results in time.
I lowered my daily budget to a more conservative $50 and also lowered my max CPC to .20 in hopes that this is a more acceptable jump from my previous settings.
I am going to be making more use of this community and hope to contribute down the road.
Thanks again!

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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as to ad-quality and quality-score, these are not the same --
a keyword's ad-quality is unaffected by account changes;
a keyword's quality-score may take awhile to settle after
some account changes and the new default score is 6/10 --
but these are different metrics.

product-listing-ads do not use keywords;
product-listing-ads do not currently have a
quality-score reported within any accounts.

product-listing-ad quality is mainly determined by the quality of the
attribute-values submitted -- importantly, the title and description --
but all attributes may effect quality -- as well as the link landing
page and other quality factors such as ratings, reviews, images,

relevant merchant-promotions, click-through-rate, etc.

currently, such quality factors are simply indicated as the
merchant-center's various rules, policies, recommendations,
and guidelines -- but, are not reported within any accounts.


product-listing-ads can use negative-words -- optimizing all submitted

data for relevancy is always best but -- negative-words can quickly

stop irrelevant search-terms, especially for poorly optimized data.

each shopping holiday, especially the days leading up to cyber-monday,
can trigger extreme spikes in competitive bids and budget strategies,
better geographic and scheduled targeting, bid strategies centered
around product-groups, rather than specific items, that may allow
for more targeted competitive statistics, effective utilization of the
merchant-promotions-program, merchants attempting to submit
higher quality (feed) data, removing low-performing items, while
increasing a site's performance, overall mobile friendliness, and
optimizing task-flows -- in addition to competitive pricing models
and potentially an extreme shift in the type and profile of buyers.

there is nothing that needs to change
for such external forces to dramatically
effect an ad's overall performance.

however, forum-members cannot look into any
submitted (feed) data or account histories --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions
based on the information posted here within
the public forums.

a merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist
may be contacted directly and can look into submitted
data and shopping-campaign details for guidance.

as a slight aside, and likely unrelated in this case, id values should never
ever change for a physical inventory item once assigned and submitted --
an item's details are tracked by id; a best-practice is to use a mixture of
letters and numbers for id (e.g. abc123uk).

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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My apologies Chef, I missed the part about it being a product campaign so none of what I said about quality score applies

Re: $100 Daily Budget w/ $1 Max CPC but impression LOW

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Hi Chef
Running a search in google shopping with your marquee keywords- by marquee I meant some terms from the best selling/popular products' titles and NOT the entire title as people would not normally search that way, they will use 2-3-4 words like 'winter shorts' instead 'Polo winter shirts abc-123'. Try and find if you are showing there in shopping along with your competitors.

You cannot use keywords alright, but you sure can add negative keywords just like you do in search ads. Well, a few things might not make sense as you pointed out but reality is stranger than fiction and you do experience things that defies logic and if that happens a few times you start considering it a rule rather than an exception. Isn't that is what learning is all about?

Celebird has already given you almost all the reasons why performance can backfire, hardly any scope to further that. My ;last but not the least suggestion to you would be to carry on working and give time to changes you make else they will be futile. Wish you luck and kindly share the results of your endeavor if possible