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1 product in a shopping feed - not showing in Google Results

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Hi, I have a successful search marketing campaign running for one product. 


I uploaded a feed to merchant center - linked it to adwords and in Diagnostics there are no current issues - ticks for account, feed and items - it is green saying feed is active.


In Adwords, I set a very large budget and generous CPC and used a cpc enhanced bid strategy covering the UK - but Ads dont show - the distributors we use have successful Shopping Campaigns with our product in them but 0 impressions on our ads.


Could anyone view the fee and tell me if they spot an error?



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1 product in a shopping feed - not showing in Google Results

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As we have no access to your account, we would not know. The best likely course is to contact Google directly.


Here are some things you can do :


Make sure the product is in Adwords by selecting the shopping campaign and select the products tab. If it is in there than you need to make sure you have nothing limiting the campaign such as negative keywords, limited ad scheduling, audience list with target and bid instead of bid. The product is not excluded in the product group.


If the product is not listed, than check in Google Merchant if it is effectively approved under products > list


Than in the data feed make sure the title and description perfectly describes the product and you have added all the required and recommend attributes.


If you provide more info (don't submit private information) than we might be able to provide better assistance, alternatively contact Google.


Hope it helps.

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1 product in a shopping feed - not showing in Google Results

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Google actually have a form for this situation:,


Although personally I'd just get on the phone to AdWords Support.