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1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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I am banging my head against a wall here.


 I have my products feeding through my e-commerce site, we have over 2000+ products but my feed is rounding up or down 1 penny on about half my products, No I know to the consumer this would make no difference but this means the price is different and my product ads are being disapproved. 


I like to think I know my code, But I can't get to the bottom of this one I can't find why its round some products up 1 cent and other down 1 cent or even rounds at all, but that I guess is for another forum, My problem with this is why can't Google ignore the 1 cent difference. I would understand if the price was out more but for the sake of 1 cent I am not getting the exposure I would like. 


Am I the only one with this issue? Can something be done other than me ripping apart and maybe rewriting an entire mod? 


Some one save me from this headache 

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Re: 1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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Hi Robert,

I understand your frustration. Yes there is a difference of just 1 cent but I think that the Googlebot will try matching the price exactly between feed and website.

Did you try using auto feed update.

Maybe it could help.


Re: 1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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Hello Rahul,

Thanks for your reply.

I have taken your suggestion but at the moment it seems to make no difference.

Looks like I have some coding in front of me to fix this issue, was hoping it would have been easy but technology never seems to work the way we want.



Re: 1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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as was indicated, the data must match exactly at all times for all users.


auto-feed-update would work as a solution only if there were

slight discrepancies between the website and the submitted

data between (feed) updates -- not if there is a discrepancy

within the data being submitted.

the difference of a penny sometimes happens
with automated price-currency conversions --
which are generally not allowed.


generally, the website and feed should simply

copy the data from the same inventory source --

one for display and one for upload.

but without more exact information, offering
more exact suggestions is rather difficult.


Re: 1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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Hello Celebird,

I think I have narrowed it down to the VAT tax being added to the feed.

The xml is taking the price from the database and adding 20%,

<gSmiley Tonguerice>{price,[GBP],[20.0]}</gSmiley Tonguerice>

This is working with just over half the products . What I am trying to do is to get it to take from the website price including VAT, sounds easier than what it is.

But the good news is I have a good idea what the problem is.

Many Thanks

Re: 1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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first, thank you for the update.

yes, such a discrepancy based on
vat could trigger a disapproval.

if possible, simply copy the data directly from the site
or implement the exact same price details as the site;
yes, that may sound easier than the implementation.


as an aside, for a u.k. registered feed, vat must be

included in the price for both the submitted price

and the website link landing-page price -- both

should match exactly, at all times, for all users.


1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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I'm having the exact same issue. The data on my website is clearly £19.99 for example but merchant centre is recording it as £20.


Really odd.

1 cent difference product ads price listings disproved

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Please double check what is recorded. Go to Google Merchant and click on Products > List


Click on the product that has the issue, scroll to the bottom and check data submitted vs data collected.


Data submitted is your data feed, if this is wrong check your plugin or contact the developer that manages the data feed

If it's data collected, make sure you have microdata added with the correct pricing and that the pricing visually is also correct.


To avoid issues also make sure that the price submitted is the first price visible. For example if you have added vat ex first than this can cause issues.


However as each merchant has a different issue, please create a new thread for further assistance.


Hope it helps.

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