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9 hours ago
where can i write exam
1 day ago
When is the Tag Assistant going to be updated so it recognizes the new GTM two-piece code format? GWeir
2 days ago
I have passed ALL 5 of my AdWord exams, but only 4 certs are showing up., even though it says I have passed 5 of 5. The first exam (mobile) does not show in my profile. Please advise.
1 Week ago
Dynamic Search Ads really caught my attention when they first hit the scene. I was used to laboriously creating accounts that contained hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords. The opportunity to target potential customers based on the content of your website alone seemed like an absolute blessing. While Dynamic Search Ads have been an asset for some of the larger accounts I’ve managed, I’ve still opted to use keyword targeting for the majority o...
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2 days ago
We hosted a the March Partners Connect event, and I wanted to review the presentation. Is there anywhere to access it now?  Thanks for the help! Kassady