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7 hours ago
What we can achieve by using google optimize and how it is helping for business entrepreneurs to expand their business growth. Thanks,Experts Secrets 
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18 hours ago
Hello, I hope that somebody can help me.I installed Optimize via the TagManager and have noticed that the Tag Assistant points out an issue with the tag implementation. It would be very kind of you checking the Website https://arteuno.com where I implemented the tag.When doing so I followed the instructions of https://help.optimizely.com/Integrate_Other_Platforms/Implementing_Optimizely_with_Google_Tag_Manager Thank you so much for your...
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2 weeks ago
Site target: https://www.plrebookclub.com/amember/signupGoogle Tag Manager is there.  Why is reporting showing no session visiting this page, where google analytics proves otherwise?  - Best
2 days ago
After I created a test, I'm noticing that there is about a half-second delay between the switching out of the element on the page I am testing and the new element. In my case it's switching out the wording within the header, and the delay looks very distracting and is probably affecting the outcome. Is there a way to eliminate this delay so that the page does not change while loading?
5 weeks ago
Hi,I am setting up a MVT test on Google Optimize, but with the changes I have made to the desktop they are not mobile friendly. I only want these changes to show when my visitors visit via desktop.I've changed the Targeting > Who > Device category equals desktop, however when I test through the Google Optimize editor, the changes are still viewable through mobile preview.Am I wrong to worry the changes will still show on mobile?