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Discover how to select who is eligible to be in your experiment, and when they’re served experiment variations.
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The condition builder

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Rules are the building blocks of Optimize targeting and they're built with the condition builder. You can target pages on your site, geographic regions, and specific user behavior. You can also combine multiple rules. For example, you might target loyal users coming to your home page, offer a discount to loyal users on a product page, or invite loyal users visiting from San Francisco to a special event.


To create a targeting rule, click + CREATE RULE on the Targeting tab of the Experiment detail page.


The Optimize condition builder supports the following rule types: 


  • URL targeting – Target the specific URLs where your experiments run.
  • Behavior targeting – Target new vs. returning visitors or those coming from specific referrers.
  • Technology targeting – Target visitors using a specific device, browser or OS.
  • JavaScript variable – Target a JavaScript variable in the source code of the webpage.
  • First-party cookie – Target users that have a first-party cookie from your website.
  • Custom JavaScript – Target pages based upon a value returned by custom JavaScript.
  • Query Parameter – Target specific pages and sets of pages.
  • Data Layer variable – Target based on key values stored in the data layer.

 Read more about targeting in the Optimize help center.

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