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Targeting dynamic pages via URL+structure: WHEN condition => partially executes experiment

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I have an issue with an experiment I run and I wonder if this is intended behaviour or not:


We use A/B-testing to target various pages. They are defined through a regex. However, there are some pages under this regex that are not meant to be part of the experiment (edge cases, only manually excludable). These pages do not provide the structure expected, so our expectation was that the experiment would not execute there. 


But Optimize still ran the experiment. Most of the changes had no effect then. But there was one single image replaced that was also used on several other pages. Google Optimize replaced this image. The rest of the changes of this experiment variant had no effect. I found this confusing because "structure" is always a WHEN condition for experiments and executing a subset of changes on unfitting pages seems counterintuitive to me. In the end, the WHEN condition is meant the steer the execution of the experiment as a whole, not the execution of individual changes.


We could be very detailed about the targeting rule, excluding all the edge cases to avoid running experiments on those pages. But I was wondering if this is meant to be like this by design (e.g. ensuring that experiments are still run even if some errors prevent certain changes) or if this is a bug?