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Target Optimize experiment to only a certain language

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There does not seem to be a way to target en experiment to a specific browser language (locale).


Yes I can target a certain region (in Geo), but not a certain language.


My use case seems rather common:

- my website displays in many language, depending on the browser's language setting.

- my experiment should only apply to one language (as it is a text experiment)

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Target Optimize experiment to only a certain language

Google Employee
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Google Employee

I think that you are right that this seems like a feature that should be added.


Still, if you do things properly for your site and set a lang attribute on your page (i.e. on the top html element), you could create a "custom javascript" variable to return it and use this for targeting.


Your "Custom Javascript" variable with name "Page language" that could be like:


function() {

  return document.documentElement.lang;



And then you could do targeting like:

"Page language" equals en-US



Re: Target Optimize experiment to only a certain language

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I use a Data layer variable for exactly this purpose.  Language is captured via GTM, then it is easily targeted in Optimize.  Often experiments will be written in English so I use this in my targeting.  This solution works great.