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Redirect Test: I want to target a specific page variant only from a specific page

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hi guys,


we want to combine two different redirect tests. in first test we want to show 5 different variants from a page. from these different variants you can link to the second test with 4 different variants. but if you link from variant 1 of the first test you only should see the variant 1 of the second test. is it possible in optimize? 


thank's for all helpful feedback Smiley Happy



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Redirect Test: I want to target a specific page variant only from a specific page

Google Employee
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Google Employee

OK this sounds a little bit complicated since tests shouldn't generally interact with each other in order to avoid bias.


But it may be possible depending on what you want.


To make sure that I have it all clear:

You have a page x.html and you can set up a redirect test to different redirect versions x1.html x2.html ... x5.html.


Now all these pages have a link to another page y.html and that page y.html runs another redirect to y1.html y2.html y3.html.


I would think of 2 options:

1) x1.html does not have a link to y.html but directly to the variant that you like (i.e. y1.html). Note that visitors to y1.html frrom x1.html will not be considered as taking part on the second experiment  (in contrast with visitors from the other x variants).


2) You can set up a targeting rule for the second test so that it doesn't run if the referrer is x1.html (look at "Page referrer" under "Behavior" in the targeting rules (you may use a "does not start with" for example). In that case visitors from x1.html to y.html will also not be part of the second experiment and stay on y.html


Would one of those 2 options work?