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How to use the symbol # in matches regex

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I'm using this regular expression ^http?:\/\/(www\.)?whoopassenterprises\.com\/bobbleheads-shop((.*)\/){3,4}  

But I also need this page http://www.whoopassenterprises.com/#free-mockup

I'm trying to write something like this ^http?:\/\/(www\.)?whoopassenterprises\.com\/.*free-mockup - but it does not work http://joxi.ru/krDRowXc0MnRq2

If I try to use any other character except # - everything works well 


If someone has any idea - please let me know.


How to use the symbol # in matches regex

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Hi @Bogdan Mateescu,


You need to use escape character '\' with the special character '#'

Try using it '\#' without the quotes.

Like this: ^http?:\/\/(www\.)?whoopassenterprises\.com\/\#free-mockup 



Hope this helps. Smiley Happy