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Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) w Google Optimize

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Hello Community,


is there a way to show Dynamic Text Replacement on Landing Pages for different Google Adwords Groups?


Lets say I have a Adwords with a  Ad Group called "how to raise self esteem" and a Ad Group called "Raising self esteem"

Now I want to display on my Landing Page


Ad Group:                                        Landing Page Headline 1

"how to raise self esteem" -->          "How to raise self esteem" (DTR)

                                                         Learn what really helps to raise self esteem


"Raising Self esteem"        -->          "Raising Self Esteem:" (DTR)

                                                         Learn what really helps to raise self esteem


Can you tell me what I should do, in order to make this happen?






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Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) w Google Optimize

Google Employee
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Google Employee

If you don't have a very large number of Ad groups, you could create a different experiment for each ad group and target it specifically using the newly available Adword targeting rules.


Then you could make a dedicated variant for that ad group.


Is there any problem with this solution?

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) w Google Optimize

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Hi Torge,


If you want to deploy a single Optimize experiment that works for all your ads, I'll describe a client-side only solution that some deploy today.


Suppose you have some text S that varies per ad and you want that text to appear in both the ad and the landing page. When you configure an ad in AdWords, add S to the headline text and also add as a query parameter in the landing page URL. Use the same query parameter key for all ads, but vary (e.g. '', where S is url-escaped).


Using Optimize, you can target an experiment to only apply when the 'myText' query parameter is present in the URL. To apply the change, you'd use a custom javascript change that extracts S from the 'myText' query parameter in the URL and then applies it to the desired HTML element (use a trusted library to prevent XSS security vulnerabilities).


Note that even if you protect against XSS, this approach is still vulnerable to sharing URLs like ''. If you know all the S that you expect, you could construct your Optimize targeting rule and/or javascript change to filter to expected S.


More advanced and scalable solutions in use today will typically involve a CMS that is keyed by one of the AdWords value track parameters, which may be inserted into the landing page URL. Optimize may be interested in helping out here in the future.


If you manage to set up one of these dynamic replacement experiments, I'd be interested to hear about it.