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Four general questions about Reporting.

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Hi everybody,
I have four questions, hopefully some of you has the answers.
General info: The test is simple, it consists of changing the "Place order" button on the checkout confirmation page. We wanted to see if a larger button + a trust element would result in more conversions.

I have the following questions:

1. We did not increase our traffic that would justify an increase in experiments that you can see in the screenshot below. Why was there such in increase throughout the days? (We set that 100% of the visitors should be targeted).


2. The first couple of days we tracked a lot less transactions per day than we had in reality, why did this happen, considering that we set 100% of the visitors to be targeted? Also you can see that the experiment sessions were a lot lower than in the following days.

3. What does the "E-Commerce conversion rate" mean in the screenshot below? Is that the CR from "Confirmation page" to "Thank you page"? If it is, why is it a "range" instead of an exact number? The system knows exactly how many users were on the page and how many proceeded. I tried finding more info about this, but didn't find anything.


4. On April 11th, Google Optimize showed 657 experiment sessions, but we only had 174 pageviews on the confirmation page that day. (The experiment only runs on that page, nowhere else). How does that make sense?

Thanks in advance for any help!







Four general questions about Reporting.

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I just want the Google team to know that it is really disappointing to see how dead this "Forum" is. There is lot of unclear behavior which should be addressed by you guys.


I don't expect "normal" users to have the answers to my questions, but I do so from you. It's been a month since I asked these questions. I have even asked our mid market account manager to ask for help internally, still nothing though.

Hopefully my questions will be resolved at some point in the future, in the meantime, Google Optimize seems to still be rather "alpha".