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Page hiding snippet not stopping 'flicker'

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i installed the scripts according to the recommended way with GTM that should avoid flickering at its best: https://support.google.com/360suite/optimize/answer/7359264

a/b testing is working but i can clearly see the original page load first then the variant, i.e. flickering.


the scripts are placed as up on the head tag as it is possible with my theme/plugin for inserting scripts. wouldn't know how to do that better actually.


no idea what i am doing wrong. you can check it out here: http://www.metabolic4you.ch.


thanks a lot for your help. 




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Page hiding snippet not stopping 'flicker'

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Looks like the problem is due to a comment line that you have added in the <style> element of the page hiding snippet (comment is <!-- Page hiding snippet (recommended) -->).


These are not CSS comments and are causing a problem.


To confirm:

- open your page and using chrome dev tools add the async-hide class on the <html> element.

- you will see that nothing happens.

- find the <style> element of the page hiding snippet, edit it and remove the comment.

- you will see that the CSS rule is applied and the page becomes hidden.


You can move the comment outside of the <style> element or use /* */ instead.



Page hiding snippet not stopping 'flicker'

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this did the trick. didn't think of that. thanks a lot for your help @Dimitris D.


Maybe you could display the code snippets in the examples with the according comments so people who just copy and paste it wouldn't have problems with it. i guess this would safe a lot of troubles to many people.