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3.9K members online now
Everything you need to know about setting up Optimize including creating your account and container, linking to Google Analytics and how to tag your site.
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Integrating Google Optimize (miltidomain site)

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I am integrating Google Optimize.

Let me describe the situation:
Depending on the web browser settings customers should be redirected to different versions of the web site (in different languages) with different domain names. We are describing all settings in for both main version of the web site and landing pages.
That’s how it looks like for the web site:
domen.som /por

And for the landing / in / landing / Eng / landing / Esp / landing / Por / Landing


Our goal is to make the test between Landing and Web site and make multi-test between different variants of landing pages.
For these purposes we are making 2 parallel tests:
1) Web site-landing redirect
And here we have a problem with the domain.
System always shows English version of the Web site after the domain redirect and it means that redirect doent work properly.

2. Multi-versioned variant of landing.

Original domain name looks in a following way 
But it changes when the customer uses it and it looks this way
And the changes ive made for Spanish version doesn’t work for the version in the other language i.e.


I dont think that the best way is to create separate test for each language as I am limited with just 3 tests in a free version
Transfers to domain with the other language and uses 
(If the user is from Spain and other domains for other countries)

The case is that if i am making the test via redirect i need to transfer users from all countries.

But redirect doesn't work up to the fact that when the user is coming to web site wrong link lades to domain (language adds).

And its even worse with multi-versioned landings.
When the user transfers to web site domain or landings different languages lade and system doesn’t work properly.
The question is how i can use Google Optimize to make both redirect web site-landing tests at the same time and make multi-versioned tests on landings people are redirected to.