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Everything you need to know about setting up Optimize including creating your account and container, linking to Google Analytics and how to tag your site.
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I want to test new feature in webpage through A/B testing.

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I want to do a A/B testing with a webpage.

It is a school website and has only one Admission Enquiry on Home page.

I want to enter Admission Enquiry in other academic pages and test how people respond to it.


I have created container, but I am confused in Create Rules section. Please help. 

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I want to test new feature in webpage through A/B testing.

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Hi Daniel.


Without knowing much about your site the general steps would be:


- Identify the HTML code that implements the "Admission Enquiry" on the Home page.

- Identify the container element where you want to add it in other pages. If you want to add it in the same place in all those pages, then you can do this with a single experiment.

- Pick one of the new pages as the "editor model" page and create an experiment for it.

- You can click on the container element and do "Insert HTML" to insert the "Admission Enquiry" code.

- Save your experiment and do a "Preview"(make sure first that you have added the Optimize plugin/snippets on your page) of the variant, from the experiment details page to see if it works and functions (there are many things that could go wrong - depending on how this functionality is implemented on your site, i.e. form vs javascript and if the related styles exist globally). 

- Assuming that it works, edit the "Rules" section and edit the "Url rule" that has been created for your model page. Paste the urls of the other pages where you want this to work (you can use other variables - like path, etc or other operators like regexp).

- Do another preview and navigate the preview tab on the various pages that you added to make sure that it works everywhere.


Something advanced like that would require a fair level of understanding of web technologies.

I want to test new feature in webpage through A/B testing.

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Thank you Dimitris. 
I will try and get back if there is any concern....