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Everything you need to know about setting up Optimize including creating your account and container, linking to Google Analytics and how to tag your site.
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How to set-up split domain redirect test

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i would like to set-up a split domain redirect test.

The set-up should be like this:




This means that depending on which domain you are it shows you the same variant with the according domain. (only one test case)

But how can I set this up? When i want to create an experiment in Optimize it always ask me for an exact URL? Before I used Google Experiment within Google Analytics and there it was possible because then i added the testing code to all domains which should be tested and created variants for every domain.

Re: How to set-up split domain redirect test

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Hi, Tugba!

The fastest way would be to set them up as separate experiments. Otherwise, you could do an experiment running on all domains matching exactly the control site and then in the variation code, you could add a custom JS to redirect the user. I don't think the user will notice if you run the custom JS in the beginning of the head.


Something like this would work for you:

document.location = document.location + 'test123';



This will take the current url and add "test123" to it.