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base uri dynamic

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i have a website with a dynamic uri:


and afert you complete a form you go to a next set


in the spet one there is a element i want to change for the experiment but i cant load the  website


it only loads after i complete my name and the experiment only loads in the www.example.com/test/setp1/_yourname with only my name and i want the element to be load if the webisite load is:




could somebody help

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base uri dynamic

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as editor page (so you can do the changes you want) you can use any of the urls like www.example.com/test/setp1/_yourname1


then, to show the experiment to all those people you could try using this in the "targeting" settings: URL contains "/test/setp1/_"

base uri dynamic

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Furthermore you could even start from www.example.com/test if you wish, then switch to interactive mode (use the editor button) and then navigate as usual (fill in any name in the form).


But you will have to do that every time that you want to view your edits so the above solution above is better if it works for your site (next page its not a form post).


The important thing is to change the targeting rules are suggested above