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Side wide experiment

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Hi, I want to  setup the following experiment:


make a menu CTA button different colour on every page.


I set it up like this:

Editor page: (here I made the button colour change)



URL starts with


URL does not equal (this excludes the editor page)


I run the experiment but I never see the changed colour shows up. 



  1. I this kind of side wide experiment not possible?
  2. Or should the  Editor page be always included ?
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Side wide experiment

Google Employee
# 2
Google Employee

 Hi Keesjan


The editor page url is independent of targeting.


The editor just adds a targeting rule for convenience in the case that you don't have any URL or URL-related (i.e. domain) rule already defined.


To make a side wide experiment you can either define your targeting rule before you create the variant, or just remove the one that the editor has added and add yours.


For something as simple as targeting the whole site you could use a single rule: either "URL starts with" or simply "Host equals" (will cover both http and https).


You can also use the "Check your rule" UI to test that your rule will cover all the urls that you think it should.


Just make sure that the menu button exists on absolutely every single page of the site, or that at least it has a CSS selector (as used by the editor) which is specific enough that wouldn't accidentally match another element (in the case that this button wouldn't exist in a page).