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Learn how to create your first experiment and get tips on creating A/B, redirect, and multivariate tests.
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Redirect Test - Reduce Time Before Redirect

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We have been using Optimize for a few months with pretty good results. We started our first redirect test this week (have been doing strictly A/B) , and we noticed a few issues.


1. The Pageviews for the redirect variant url are very high - I assume this is because they are bing counted twice for every user who gets set to that page, when they first hit the URL and when they land on the redirected site - is this normal?


2. The redirect time before a user is sent to the variant URL takes up to 2 seconds on occasion. This is not ideal at all. The GTM tag is in the head of the page, though not all the way at the top. We do have a lot of items in our GTM - too many in my opinion. This wouldn't be an issue if the page was white before redirect, but unfortunately it almost fully renders before firing.


One thing to note, the team who set this up - does deploy optimize through GTM - I have read this si not best practice, in GTM there are no firing triggers, but it is set to fire "directly before" Google analytics.