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Optimize causing Analytics to Not Work?

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Has anyone experienced Google optimize to cause Analytics not to work when both are setup in Tag manager? If so can you advise what the problem might be?


Optimize causing Analytics to Not Work?

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Yes, i had this only yesterday.


Traffic dropped off a cliff on Wednesday. Saw a 404 on a call to one of the GA js files...*****&t=gtm...


Knew it wasn't a site issue as GA was only recording 25% of the goals arriving in our CRM and our rankings were holding


I first thought the GTM-* reference was a GTM container which threw me as its not one of mine, but it actually refers to an Optimize container,  the optimize tag in GTM referenced it explicitly. I couldn't find that Optimize container with the login i had (i never set it up) so i removed the Optimize tag from GTM and the traffic came back in GA.


I can only assume someone setup that Optimize container and GTM tag but deleted the container and didn't remove the reference to it in the GTM tag. (it was also configured to fire before universal analytics)


I can sort of see why that would produce a 404 but i don't understand why it would prevent the visits registering in GA unless configuring Optimize pipes all the tracking through that first.


This is my theory (and removing the tag solved the issue afaik), unless your experience proves it wrong, i am interested to know Smiley Happy