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Identifying the test variation within javascript

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Is there a way to get the test variation through Javascript? I posted this question earlier, but it seems like it might've been deleted. Not sure what's up with that.


I'd have a variation that I would like to test, but it's not feasible to do through the wysiwyg editor. So I'm thinking I would like to do something like this below:



if (something.getUserTestVariation() === 1) {
   render(...); // render the new variation
} else {
   render(...); // render the default variation

Is this possible to do with the APIs? I've tried looking at ga.getAll()[0].plugins_, but I don't see any fields that would hint to getting an identifier for the variation.





I noticed somebody else had a similar question posted on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44412241/is-it-possible-to-read-experimentid-and-variationid-in-...


Unfortunately, the solution provided (setting a window variable) isn't possible for me and causes a race condition between the code executed by Google Optimize and my own code.