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Google optimize AB language

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I want to make an AB test to try different text.

The problem is that, we have users who use our site in different languages, is there any possible than I can try at the same time with different text in depending of the language of the browser or something like this? 


Thanks in advance.

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Google optimize AB language

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Google optimize AB language

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There is not a very simple way to do this, but there is a one if you are a little bit familiar with javascript.


First of all you need to find out a way to detect what language a user is seeing.

If the URL is the same for both languages, you may try to check the language attribute of the page:


Open up chrome developer tools at type:



If this gives a different value for your 2 different languages then do the following:


- Click on the element where you want to change the text

- Instead of "Change text" use the "Run javascript" edit option

- In the javascript write a little bit of code that does what you want, for example something like:


if (document.documentElement.lang == "en-US") {

  element.innerText = 'hello';

} else if (document.documentElement.lang == "fr") {

  element.innerText = 'bonjour';



If the document language property is not set (for some reason), you may even use something else - like the document.title.