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Best way to test dynamic content / text?

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I want to test a dynamic text string on my e-commerce product page. The text is "In stock" and "Not in stock". The text is placed in the same DIV element which makes it difficult to use standard features for the experiment.

What is the best way to test a variant, where I want to change one of the texts - e.g. "Many in stock"?

Best way to test dynamic content / text?

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Depending on your CMS/platform - I'd output both variations on all pages, and have the default/baseline show by default and the variant hidden, and in the css for the A/B test you flip them.


<span class="stock-message">In Stock</span>

<span class="stock-message-alternate">Many in Stock</span>


css to add everywhere

.stock-message { display: inline-block;}

.stock-message-alternate { display: none; } 

css to inject via optimize

.stock-message { display: none;}

.stock-message-alternate { display: inline-block; }