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A/B Testing opt-in form

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I'm new to analytics and stuck with something.


I have a need to split test the opt-in form on my marketing page. If I understand correctly, I will need to create a "variant" of this form and set up Google Optimize or GA Content Experiments for the execution of the test. However, my page is live and I receive close to 500 opt-ins per day and creating another form would mean that the subscriber data now lives in two places.


Since I have multiple integrations that dump subscriber data in different systems, running this experiment would mean I have to either replicate those services for the new form or manually reconcile post completion of the experiment. Both techniques require significant effort. Is there a way I can split test my form without actually creating separate forms?

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A/B Testing opt-in form

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I might be understanding incorrectly, but if you're testing the form then the variant version of your form wouldn't be changing anything about the functionality of the form as your changes would be visual (I assume). You therefore don't need to create a new form nor replicate your existing one.

Re: A/B Testing opt-in form

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Yes, I was confusing Optimize approach with the Content Experiments feature
in Google Analytics where you need to create individual URLs. Since my
experiment contained visual variations, basic Optimize features worked

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A/B Testing opt-in form

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The standard A/B tests of Google Optimize do not require to setup a variant of your page.


Instead you install a snippet into your live page which will then apply any variant changes that you prepare with the Optimize editor, to your live page, just after it loads but before your users will see it (you can even use the page hiding snippet to ensure that there is  0 flicker).


So it requires very little effort and you will not have the problems that you mention - you will still have one system and one form.