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21 hours ago
Hi is this even allowed one of my competition has all the city on his address and its working very good cause if i search for the keyword and append the name of the city their knowledge panel shows https://goo.gl/maps/bc776jAfb2F2 can i do the same? if this is illegal why they were able to be verified? we also have google my business account but in 1 city only but we cater other cities as well but its hard to be verified cause we dont h...
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1 hour ago
1. Full business name  AutoRoof LLC2. Current business address 1825 Fruitland Dr North Ogden, UT 844143. 3. Current telephone number (801) 803-0529 4. Google Maps URL  5. Website (if applicable) Website up Monday Entered GMB information. Verification code arrived. https://www.screencast.com/t/Wq6z8MpKDHow can we reinstate?
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5 weeks ago
Hello, I am the designer and manager for online presence for our fair. We get over 100 thousands guest the week of the fair however we want to publish our Hours with google. Our only problem is that we cant add the hours without it making look like we are open everyday.  We are only open 1 week of the year. Is there any way to reflect this on our google business posting? Thanks Dave
2 hours ago
My Google Business Account was Suspended and I just received my verification code. Why was this done?
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