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5.5K members online now
For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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what is the URL like for this value mapsUrl?

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With 3.1 there is the ability to retrieve


A link to the location on Maps.


What is the stucture of that URL? What does it look like?


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Re: what is the URL like for this value mapsUrl?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Mike Blumenthal,


In the Location object, please note that the mapsUrl field of the Metadata object that provides a link to the location on Maps is not editable by user.


Here is a sample response body that includes the mapsUrl field for the GET request to get the specified location via v3.1 of the Google My Business API:

 "languageCode": "en",
 "storeCode": "GMB-TEST",
 "openInfo": {
   "status": "OPEN"
 "name": "accounts/account_name/locations/locationId",
 "locationKey": {
   "plusPageId": {plusPageId},
   "placeId": {placeId}
 "latlng": {
   "latitude": 37.554727,
   "longitude": -122.265107
 "locationName": "Family Day Care",
 "photos": {
   "interiorPhotoUrls": [
   "logoPhotoUrl": {logoPhotoUrl},
   "profilePhotoUrl": {profilePhotoUrl},
   "preferredPhoto": "PROFILE",
   "coverPhotoUrl": {coverPhotoUrl}
 "primaryPhone": "(415) 696-9300",
 "address": {
   "postalCode": "94404",
   "country": "US",
   "administrativeArea": "California",
   "addressLines": [
     "905 Shell Boulevard #101"
   "locality": "Foster City"
 "websiteUrl": "",
 "metadata": {
   "mapsUrl": ""
 "primaryCategory": {
   "name": "Day Care Center",
   "categoryId": "gcid:day_care_center"
 "locationState": {
   "canUpdate": true,
   "isVerified": true,
   "canDelete": true,
   "isPublished": true