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"Administrative areas aren't used in NL" --> requirement of admin levels changing without notice?

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We would like to clarify an error.


Google API returned an error message for update on poiId:POI 400 Bad Request{  "code" : 400  "message" : "Request contains an invalid argument."  "status" : "INVALID_ARGUMENT"  "details" : [ {    "@type" : ""    "errorDetails" : [ {      "code" : 3      "field" : "address.administrative_area"      "message" : "Administrative areas aren't used in NL"      "value" : "Noord-Brabant"      "subErrorCode" : 46      "additionalValue" : "NL"    } {      "code" : 1100      "field" : "address"      "message" : "The specified address cannot be located."    } ]  } ]}


Does this mean, that we shouldn't ingest the explained way of ingesting admin levels anymore? I assume that this means, that we can leave administrative.areas empty?


The provinces in the Netherlands should be ingested to administrative area level 1. When I check 'geocoding' for API, it also shows this information as stated in guidelines.


Also, Groningen is a province and the capital of this province is Groningen as well, but it seems that the geocoding only recognize it as 'locality'.

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Re: "Administrative areas aren't used in NL" --> requirement of admin levels changing w

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Hi @Sinem T,


Yes, administrativeArea aren’t used in Netherlands so you should leave administrative area empty when creating a new location via the Google My Business API.



Shalini, Google My Business API team