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2.8K members online now
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problem patching an attribute

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I retrieved the list of attributes for our location -- i am trying to change one of them (a BOOL) from true to false and am getting an error I need help understanding:


The error:


  1. {code: 400, message: "Request contains an invalid argument.", status: "INVALID_ARGUMENT",…}
    1. 0:{@type: "",…}
      1. @type:""
      2. errorDetails:[{code: 3, field: "attributes", message: "Attribute has a value of an unsupported type",…}]
    1. code:400
    2. details:[{@type: "",…}]
      1. {code: 3, field: "attributes", message: "Attribute has a value of an unsupported type",…}
        1. code:3
        2. field:"attributes"
        3. message:"Attribute has a value of an unsupported type"
        4. value:"pay_mobile_nfc"
    3. message:"Request contains an invalid argument."
    4. status:"INVALID_ARGUMENT"


What I am sending:


URL: v3/accounts/XXX128393281024269737/locations/XXX8204196214244510?languageCode=en-US&validateOnly=true&fieldMask=attributes


  attributes: [


     attributeId: "pay_mobile_nfc", 

     valueType: "BOOL",

     values: ["false"]





Can someone help see what is wrong with this request?



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problem patching an attribute

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# 2
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fixed -- I had true and false in quotes. --

Re: problem patching an attribute

Google Employee
# 3
Google Employee

Hi @Brad E,


We're glad your problem is fixed. Please feel free to contact us for any Google My Business API related questions.



The Google My Business API team