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1.5K members online now
For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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fail to update suite number info from API

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Hi Team,

I am using API to update address information to google my business,

the address I try to sync to google my business is: (of course some info been replaced by placeholder)

Suite F, 1234 Fakedata Dr, Fort Placeholder, IN 12345, USA

since the original address is:

1234 Fakedata Dr, Fort Placeholder, IN 12345, USA

after I pushed data, I tried to get information by

result shown as below:



[{u'address_components': [{u'long_name': u'f',
                           u'short_name': u'f',
                           u'types': [u'subpremise']},
                          {u'long_name': u'1234',
                           u'short_name': u'1234',
                           u'types': [u'street_number']},
                          {u'long_name': u'Fakedata Drive',
                           u'short_name': u'Fakedata Dr',
                           u'types': [u'route']},
                          {u'long_name': u'Brookside/Parkerdale',
                           u'short_name': u'Brookside/Parkerdale',
                           u'types': [u'neighborhood', u'political']},
                          {u'long_name': u'Fort Placeholder',
                           u'short_name': u'Fort Placeholder',
                           u'types': [u'locality', u'political']},
                          {u'long_name': u'St. Joseph Township',
                           u'short_name': u'St Joseph Township',
                           u'types': [u'administrative_area_level_3',
                          {u'long_name': u'Allen County',
                           u'short_name': u'Allen County',
                           u'types': [u'administrative_area_level_2',
                          {u'long_name': u'Indiana',
                           u'short_name': u'IN',
                           u'types': [u'administrative_area_level_1',
                          {u'long_name': u'United States',
                           u'short_name': u'US',
                           u'types': [u'country', u'political']},
                          {u'long_name': u'12345',
                           u'short_name': u'12345',
                           u'types': [u'postal_code']},
                          {u'long_name': u'1700',
                           u'short_name': u'1700',
                           u'types': [u'postal_code_suffix']}],
  u'adr_address': u'<span class="street-address">1234 Fakedata Dr</span>, <span class="locality">Fort Placeholder</span>, <span class="region">IN</span> <span class="postal-code">12345-1700</span>, <span class="country-name">USA</span>',
  u'formatted_address': u'1234 Fakedata Dr, Fort Placeholder, IN 12345, USA',
  u'formatted_phone_number':  . . . 



I can see my data correctly reached google my business, since 'f' is in 'address_components' as 'subpremise'.

But my question is, why it not shown in adr_address or formatted_address? what address would really be shown in google map? how can I make sure google will show suite information in google map via API?


Thanks for your time.


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Re: fail to update suite number info from API

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Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Bo D,


I see that you sent a Place Details request via the Google Places API (which is separate from the Google My Business API) to retrieve more comprehensive, read-only information about the indicated place such as its complete address, phone number, user rating and reviews. Any questions you may have for the Google Places API should be directed to its Community and Support page.


You should send a GET request to get the specified location and verify that the business information you updated for a location in a PATCH request has indeed been processed via the Google My Business API.


Please note that your changes to the business information in Google My Business may be reviewed for quality before being published and may take up to 3 days to go live. You should enter the complete and exact street address for your location. For most countries, the first line in the addressLines field of the Address object in a location should include a street number and street name. Suite numbers, floors, building numbers, etc., may also be included. Learn more about business information guidelines for address


If you find any business information discrepancies between your listings in Google My Business and the listings live on Google, you can follow instructions in this article to fix incorrect business information on Google. You can also post your questions regarding business information discrepancies on Google on the Basics for Business Owners board for more help.